The Adventurer

“I can’t get enough of the great outdoors.  When camping with friends, I’m the one everyone looks to for organizing and leading the way.”

Your motivation for a gap year:

You enjoy things similar to:

Scenario: You love being outdoors and being active.  You may already have experience in some type of adventure activity and want to explore it further.  Even if you don’t have experience, you have always been interested in doing more things like kayaking, hiking, and camping.  You have the chance to take time to develop these interests and perhaps incorporate traveling, too.

Resources: Anacortes Kayak Tours, Alaska Canopy Adventures, Windigo USA

The Advocate

“I want to offer a helping hand to fulfill others’ goals.”

Your motivation for a gap year: Enjoy working with nonprofits and spending time with different types of people

You enjoy things similar to: volunteering, helping, supporting others, various causes, creating change

Scenario: You are a selfless individual, always thinking about others and what you can do to help change the world.  If you are competitive enough, you can join the Peace Corps.  If not, there are still many opportunities out there to help the disabled, work in orphanages across the globe, or volunteer domestically.  Keep in mind, there is always a need for volunteers.

Resources: IdealistPeace CorpsSt. Elizabeth Shelter

The Bohemian

“I’m looking to make a difference in an unconventional way.”

Your motivation for a gap year: Looking to find yourself and get in touch with the earth and your body

You enjoy things similar to: recycling, taking care of the environment, using your hands to make things, yoga, Buddhism

Scenario: Burnt out from the structure of college, you want to pack up a few things and go on a journey.  You’re looking to get dirty, meditate, or just flow wherever your travels take you.  Whether backpacking through different parts of the world in a minimal fashion, or volunteering and living with like-minded, laidback people, it is time for you to live freely.

Resources: WWOOFNyingma Volunteer ProgramGlobal Ecovillage NetworkOMEGAEnvironmental Volunteering Abroad

The Brain

“I need hands-on experience to boost my grad/med school applications.”

Your motivation for a gap year:

You enjoy things similar to:

Scenario:  Getting into medical school, veterinary school, or other science-heavy graduate programs is very competitive.  Consider taking time to do something that will stand out on your application, and give you work experience that can be hard to find locally and easily.  There are programs within the U.S. and abroad that want to help educate you in a hands-on approach.

Resources: Child Family Health International, Student Conservation Association, Wilderness Medical Institute

The Faithful

“I want to immerse myself in my faith to develop a solid foundation to guide my future.”

Your motivation for a gap year: 

You enjoy things similar to:

Scenario:  You are active in your religion, or maybe you want to learn more about your religion.  Religious-affiliated gap years might be the right thing for you.  Working or interning with a religious organization, or volunteering at a religion-based center, is a possibility for you.  Through religious work you are able to develop your career path or make a difference in others’ lives.

Resources:  Christian Appalachian Project, Oranim, Islamic Information Center

The Professional

“I always wanted to carry a briefcase around ever since I was five years old.  “

Your motivation for a gap year:  To acquire work experience

You enjoy things similar to:  networking, success, entrepreneurship, innovation

Scenario:  While you hate the idea of delaying your entrance to the working world, you are having trouble finding a job.  How about in addition to filling out tons of job applications, you also take some time to apply for some gap year programs?  Often there are similar application requirements and interviews, and you will gain career experience while working abroad or with a nonprofit.

Resources: BUNACNext Step ConnectionsAmeriCorps

The Teacher

“Teaching provides me with the experience to work and learn about diversity while developing my teaching style.”

Your motivation for a gap year: 

You enjoy things similar to:

Scenario:  If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, why not start with a nonprofit or teaching program?  There are possibilities to go abroad, work in urban areas throughout the U.S., or even at youth camps.  For these types of gap years, you must enjoy spending time with children, be patient and caring with a lot of energy.

Resources: Mountain Workshop, City Year, Teach for America, Teach Korea


Allison Dell is finishing up her Graphic Design Communication degree.  Not only do Allison and Veronica go to the same college, but they also went to the same high school (clearly, it’s always good to maintain connections).  Allison designed all of the icons that go along with the personas Veronica develops.  A match made in heaven–Veronica couldn’t have found a better graphic designer for this project.  Thank you Allison!  You turned my cheesy idea into something classy.


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