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Is it a gap year? Spread the word(s)!

While volunteering this weekend at the Mercy Edible Park in South Philadelphia, I weeded and mingled with others interested in bringing change to the neighborhood.  One lady helping us weed did a year of service in West Virginia through AmeriCorps.  She worked with a non-profit to help drive tourism to a small town.  With a degree in painting, she moved from Nebraska to Philadelphia to intern with the Mural Arts Program.  There was also a couple with an adorable baby, and they met while getting TEFL certified in the Czech Republic to teach English abroad.  Learning about these three people made me realize how common it is to take a meaningful gap year, even though the term gap year is not a commonly used phrase.  Keep in mind: when talking with people, sometimes you need to make your own connections about their motivation and interest in doing something gap year related and see if it resembles your interests.  Oftentimes, we need to search for meaning instead of waiting for someone to blatantly state what we are looking for.  It was really fantastic meeting new people while doing something we were all interested in and realizing they share common interests of mine.


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College is over, now what?

Well, actually I have one more paper to write by next week.  I gave a fantastic presentation of my research about gap year opportunities.  I also finished the draft of the handout for Career Services, which will be fixed up soon and used.  All of the personas are done, and the survey I developed and distributed resulted in some interesting findings.  Look forward to more posts soon about all of those things.

In the mean time, I just applied for a gap year opportunity.  I am interested in devoting time to AmeriCorps and found many positions that are relevant to my field of interest, which is social media and communications.  This is great because I am a rather professional type of person and want to receive solid experience from my gap year for my future career.  I am going to briefly explain a few things about applying to an AmeriCorps program.

Before perusing the positions, register with AmeriCorps and fill out your profile and an application.  Once that is done, you can start to apply for positions.  I did this backwards so it was a mad scramble to apply to a position which has a deadline soon.  Instead of submitting your resume, cover letter, and letters of reference to the AmeriCorps system, you must go through their system to input your information and receive new recommendations.  This takes time, so plan for that.  There are thousands of positions at AmeriCorps, so it is likely you will find one that interests you, although it can be in any part of the country.  I am glad that I applied to the position, even though it is just one application and I should not put all my eggs in one basket.  Even though it is not a traditional post-graduation job, it is still competitive, as with most jobs.

After my Ethics paper is finished, I will post more personas like the Bohemian one from before, findings from my amazing survey, updates on other gap year opportunities and reviews, and eventually an edited version of my presentation.  GET EXCITED!

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Exciting things are going on

First thing’s first.  My last day of class is Thursday, April 28.  Then I will be done college–thank goodness!  I can’t believe I accomplished four years of undergraduate study.  It really blows my mind.  I am presenting my capstone project on Wednesday, April 27 at school and have some neat ideas for my presentation.  I am quite excited and will be very impressed if I am able to make it through these next few days.  However, even though I am finished with school. I am going to continue with this blog because I have grown attached to it and am excited to have more time to spend to it once classes are over.

Second, all of the persona icons are finished and look beautiful.  I will publish future posts for each one.

Third, I developed a survey that was sent to 4000 employers and, as of last night, there were already over 250 responses!  So I will have some great findings for you all to consider.  I am also making great connections to people who filled out the survey.  Future posts will be based around my findings and connections.

Even though I am very busy right now, I just wanted to post an update about how great things are going.  Working on this blog makes me so happy, and while I try to refrain from emoticons on here I think it’s time 😀

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Sometimes it’s hard to find the time

The funny thing is, I have a ton of stuff to put up here.  However, I am working on making an amazing Prezi about how to gather money for your trip.  I spent a few hours on the Prezi yesterday, then my hand started to hurt.  I decided to check out some other popular Prezis on the site, and it re-inspired me to look for help from the book The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.  By the end of the day, I will have a cute and silly Prezi for you all to watch and learn from….PROMISE.

In the meantime, why not check out for ways to get involved in meaningful initiatives.  OR look at this cute photo of me at Legoland in Denmark during my study abroad.

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