Allow me to welcome you to my capstone project.

April 1, 2011 at 9:03 pm 1 comment

Blog about gap year options for people who have completed their undergrad?  Fantastic idea!  Use it to fulfill a course requirement?  Even better!  Don’t mind if I do…

Wait a second.  What is a gap year?  The term gap year started in the UK and typically occurred for students between highschool and college.  Now a gap year can be used between any schooling or job and does not necessarily have to be a whole year.  It can be used between:

  • Highschool and college
  • Undergraduate and graduate school
  • Undergraduate and the professional world
  • Jobs or careers
  • Pretty much any transitional period

Or it can even be used as a break during schooling or a job.  The time frame of a gap year now ranges from three months to two years.  Many different things can happen during a gap year, but an essential to keep in mind is that it should be well thought out.  It is not a time to do nothing.  Instead, it is a time to take a break from the everyday and mundane to do something meaningful.  Hopefully you will plan ahead of time how to spin your gap  year into something that can be used on your resume or grad school applications.

There are no promises what you will do on your gap year.  However, you will probably either work, volunteer, or intern and need some sort of funds for a program or regular living expenses.  You might stay in your local area, go to another part of the United States, or to a whole different part of the world.  That’s really up to you.  I’m just here to give you some options and know what to look for.

What I promise to give you is:

  • Resources: Different programs and websites that can help you start your search.
  • Research: Probably some boring stuff that might actually seem interesting if you think about it hard enough.
  • Interviews: I realized I know some people who have done gap years.  I’ll interview them and let you read/watch it.
  • Personas: How different (stereo)types might spend their gap year.
  • Other stuff….that I haven’t thought about….yet.

So join me as I supply you with information to help you consider and plan out a gap year.  It definitely won’t be the biggest waste of your time (ahem, Facebook).


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